Fundamental goal of tst thermo system technic GmbH is to adjust the high quality standard of the market and provide high standard service and products to customers.

Apart of high quality requirements, protection of employees and environment is part of accomplishment of the tasks. Hence, compliance of legal and official standards is a basic request of tst thermo system technic GmbH.

To implement these fields of activities the business processes are oriented according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001.

To accomplish a permanent improvement, the provision of instruments for the realization of these requirements is the main priority of the management.

Safety, health care and environment protection are main elements of company policy. They have the same significance as quality and economy.

Main goals of company policy are:

·         prevention of accidents

·         prevention of work related health impairment

·         prevention of environmental- and property damages

An additional concern is a continuous improvement process to avoid hazard of employees or third persons, damage of capital goods and environmental contamination.

The company policy is established by the company management. It is supported and will be enforced by the company personnel.

Compliance of continuous performance is assignment of our emloyees.