European General Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Privacy Note for:


1.       Data Processing is carried out by:

Responsible person in charge:
Winfried Musiat
tst thermo system technic GmbH
Gesellschaft für Industrieofenbau und Beheizungstechnik mbH
4. Industriestr. 12

D-68766 Hockenheim

E-Mail:               info–at–
Phone:                +49(0)6205 94850
Telefax              +49(0)6205 948520


2.       Data Collection and Data Handling of personal Data:

By looking up our internet sites,, following data will be collected and recorded up to automatically deletion:

  • the IP-address from access point
  • data and time of access
  • name and URL of retrieved file
  • website of access point
  • used browser
  • operating system of terminal
  • name of access provider

Above mentioned data will be processed for following purposes:

  • Indemnification of a stable link
  • Indemnification of a smooth connection
  • Evaluation of system security and system stability

Further administrative purposes:

§ 6 clause 1 of (GDPR) is legal basis for data handling. For above mentioned reasons we have a legitimate interest on data collection. Under no circumstances we will use the collected data to make conclusions of your personal data.


3.       Circulated data

We do not route data to third parties except you have explicit agreed according to § 6 clause 1 of GDPR. In case of a legal obligation according to § 6 clause 1 of GDPR we will route respective data. In case if it is legally permitted according to § 6 clause 1 we will route for processing contraction relationship.


4.       Cookies

We use cookies.


5.       Rights of aggrieved parties

According to § 7 clause 3 of GDPR you have the right to cancel an acceptance for data use. In that case we are not permitted to continue data processing based on your acceptance. According to § 15 of GDPR you have the right to get information about the personalized data processed by us. In particular you can request to get information of purpose pf processing, category of personalized   data, category of recipients of already and/or to be routed data, the expected time of storing, the existing right of correction, the right of cancellation, reservation of treatment, or objection existing of right of compliant, origin of your data in case that they are not compiled by us.

According to § 16 of GDPR you can request immediately correction of incorrect data or totally deletion of already compiled data.

According to § 17 of GDPR you can request cancellation of stored personalized data as far as they are not required for the right of freedom of expression and information, for the fulfillment of a legal obligation, for reasons of public interest or legal claims.

According to § 18 of GDPR you can request limitation of handling of the personalized data a far as the correctness of the data are denied by you and the handling of these data by us are illegal, however, you refuse their deletion and we do not require them anymore, however, you require them for legal claims or you have entered an objection against processing of data according of § 21 GDPR.

According to § 20 of GDPR you can request to receive personalized data which have been provided by you in an structured, common and a machine-readable format. Additionally you can request to route the data to another person in charge.

According to § 77 of GDPR you can complain at a surveillance authority. In this case please contact an authority of your residence, your place of work or our place of registered office.


6.       Right of objection

As long as the personalized data are processed on basis of legitimation interests according to § 6 clause 1 of GDPR you have the right to contradict according to § 21 of GDPR against processing as long as there are personal reasons or the reason of contradiction is directed against direct advertising. In case of the latter you have a general right for implementation of contradiction without any statement. Realization of your right of abjection can be made by sending an E-Mail to info–at–



7.       Safety of data

We do provide only data about our Website. No data from you will be routed to us except the ones described in item 2. For this reason no encrypted transmissions of tendered data take place.

We realize technical and organizational safety activities to protect your data against manipulation, loss, damage or unauthorized access of the third parties.

According to technical progress our safety procedures are constantly improved.


8.       Currentness of Data of this privacy statement

This privacy statement is based on the regulations edition May 2018. Due to the development of this Website or due to changed legal or official requirements it could be necessary to change this privacy statement. The appropriate actual privacy statement can be downloaded at our Website: